Welcome to MyRehabExercise.com

MyRehabExercise.com is an innovative membership website dedicated to helping clinicians and allied health care providers (HCPs) with high quality corrective exercise tutorial videos to help teach patients/clients excellent performance of those exercises. Historically, the only follow up for home exercise that HCPs had to send patients home with were stick figure drawings and cartoon based books. Video is vastly superior for helping patients to see how the exercise should be performed in 3D.

Easy to navigate and use

We try to make MyRehabExercise.com intuitive and quick for HCPs to learn. Fancy graphics were intentionally left out to speed load times of the videos, and focus was instead on video production and content in a clean, uncluttered, professional format. A new start up video hosting platform speeds loading and makes the videos accessible on ALL new platforms. No matter what smart phone or tablet or computer OS you or your patient/clients use, the videos will work great.

Easy to learn

MyRehabExercise.com is very intuitive in layout, but for new subscribers that need a bit more help, screenshot tutorial videos are prominently displayed on the subscribing HCP’s home page, providing quick instruction to get the site dialed in for you quickly.


For those who are already on the cutting edge of the new functional rehab renaissance, you’ll be happy to see the work of Stuart McGill, Gray Cook, Craig Liebenson, Robin MacKenzie, Brian Mulligan, Gary Gray, Vladimir Janda, Pavel Kolar and others is represented. Kettlebell fans will find that exercises for correction of movement imbalances are also included.


For those subscribers less familiar with the new wave of rehab exercise training, members can use the attached blog to learn more about the theoretical underpinnings of the exercises. Want to learn even more to take your game up a notch?...Links to books, DVDs, and seminars provided by these researchers will be included to focus your CME time and money.

Patient tutorials

MyRehabExercise.com videos aren’t just quick 10 second demos. Instead, they are like clinical encounters with an experienced clinician guiding a patient through the exercise. Common mistakes are covered and warning signs to look out for. Although the videos are designed to pair with and support the hands-on instruction that patient/clients receive in the clinic or gym, they’re thorough enough to stand alone. If time is short in a clinical encounter, the patient can be referred to MyRehabExercise.com for their first exposure to the movements, and then get assessment of their form later on return to the HCP


We wanted to make this a no-brainer for HCPs! Membership to MyRehabExercise.com is only $19.99 per month for the basic service! To make it even easier, try it for the first month for only $1. If the service isn't right for you and you're not satisfied, you can cancel your account at any time. If you find the service adds value to your practice, then you'll be charged $19.99 each month.

MyRehabExercise.com is part of a mission to improve healthcare for patients suffering from musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.

Research suggests that when manual therapies, education and exercise are combined, then outcomes are superior. But excellent instruction of this type of exercise is challenging due to the time involved to teach the patient/client. MyRehabExercise.com can cut the time necessary to train these exercises by 50% easily.

Integrating MyRehabExercise.com into the clinical care package will help :
  • Improve patient/client outcomes
  • Allow busy HCPs to spend more time on other valuable services
  • Reduce health care costs as patients require less treatment for case resolution
MyRehabExercise.com…helping busy clinicians integrate exercise into clinical practice.