• A New Look to MyRehab

    Greetings Subscribers to MyRehab,

    Some new changes recently went into place for you on MyRehab, like the login page which will now look like the image above. In my experience, “changes” to a website I use regularly are a bother in that I just want the site to do a job for me. With that in mind, these changes will affect your user experience minimally but will add to the effectiveness of the tool, MyRehab, for you. Here is a summary of new items:


      1. Login Page-The login page has been reconfigured to reduce confusion. On occasion, less savvy computer using patients would attempt to login in at the doctor login area, would be informed that it was a paid service (it is for subscribing doctors) and would pay for an account. The new login page makes all arriving viewers decide whether they are visiting, a doctor, or a patient.


      1. Neurodynamics with Michael Shacklock-New library items will include the Neurodynamics (NDS) library demonstrated by creator, Michael Shacklock, PT himself! This is a first and a trend I hope to continue of getting the makers to demonstrate their material personally. Many of you have taken Shacklock’s NDS courses (if you haven’t, go do it, XXXX) and have requested videos of the “tension in, tension out” process for patients. You now have it!


      1. DTM/YAP library-In the very near term, we will have the entire home care library of Dermal Traction Method (DTM) previously known as YAP, developed by me and Dr. Justin Dean. This will be a great follow up to the instructional material that subscribers to DTM have at this location.


      1. HIPAA updates-We have always been HIPAA compliant at MyRehab, but changes in privacy policies, technology and threat risks online meant it was time to go big on HIPAA updates. The only thing that most of you have noticed with this is that if your computer is idle for several minutes, you will need to login again. It’s a bit of a hassle but was necessary to check those HIPAA boxes. We will now provide you with a certificate to show exactly how MyRehab protects you and your patients’ protected health information. More on that in a few days. These updates include regular staged brute force attacks similar to the DDoS types of attacks you’ve seen in the news that have taken down major players like Equifax. We now have industry standard protections in place! Try finding that on other competitor sites. 😉


      1. GDPR-Last, but not least, most of you have recently received a deluge of emails from sites informing you of their updates in their Privacy and Terms of Use in response to the European changes know as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). At this point those changes will only slightly affect those subscribers in the EU. We too have updated our Privacy Page and Terms of Use and you may be required to check off that you have reviewed those prior to your next login.


    Other items… the blog here associated with the site will start to receive a bit more attention in the future with interviews of rehab researchers and content to improve rehab understanding of young doctors and those unfamiliar with rehab integration into practice. Take care and for those of you in the US, enjoy your Memorial Day weekend.



    Dr. Phillip Snell





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