Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page here at MyRehabExercise.com.

Q. My patient said they didn’t get their email Rx from me. What happened?

A. This sometimes occurs due to doctor errors and sometimes patient errors.

Doctor errors:

Doctor or admin failed to either set up the patient account or to actually input exercises into an account that was set up. Check under the My Activity tab to see if the account was set up and populated with exercises.

Doctor or admin made a mistake in the input of email. Assure that the spelling is correct for the patient’s email.

Patient errors:

Patient inadvertently deleted the email because they were looking for an email from your office. Assure that they know the emails will arrive from MyRehabExercise.com. From the My Activity or My Patients tab you can re-send their Rx email with one click. Quick and easy.

Patient did not check Spam folder on their email client. MyRehab has a 99.7% (literally!) deliverability rating due to our use of an industry standard email vetting service called Mandrill. If your patient has email with an extremely high firewall protection (university, hospital, legal or accounting firm) then the email might get shunted into spam. Have them check and whitelist MyRehab, or have them use an alternate email.

Q. Why does my patient get an error message that their name is not on record when they try to login?

A. The most common reason is that the patient made a typing mistake (transposition error) when setting up their username and password. As a result, their input is not recognized by the system. To remedy, go to the My Patient tab, search for the patient name and re-send an activation link.

Q. My patient forgot their login. When they used the password recovery link on the login page, they are told their information is not on file. Why does this happen when I have set up their account?

A. When a patient tries to recover their login, they are prompted to enter 2 pieces of information which must exactly agree with what your office input into their MyRehab account. Those 2 pieces of info are First Name and Email. For the email field, most commonly, the patient is inputting a different email than they provided you with. For the First Name field, sometimes the doctor or admin inputs a different name (e.g. Deb, Debra, Deborah, Debbie) into the patient account and the patient is using an alternate spelling when recovering the password. To remedy, assure the patient is putting exactly the same spelling into the first name field as you have set up for them on their account.

Q. My patient said they were asked to pay for using MyRehab. When did you start charging patients to use MyRehab?

A. MYREHAB HAS ALWAYS BEEN AND WILL ALWAYS BE FREE FOR YOUR PATIENTS!  Sometimes those less familiar with computers, such as some elder folks, will inadvertently try to login in the Doctor Login area on the login page. Make sure they know to login where it indicates “Patient Click Here” (see below).

Q. Is MyRehabExercise HIPAA compliant?

A. Yes, MyRehab has gone through extensive 3rd party testing including attempted security breach and DDoS assault to assure that your patient info is protected. See more information at this link.

Q. How long is the free trial?

A. 14 days. If you decide to cancel prior to that, you will not be charged. However, if you love the service, do nothing and you will be charged $19.99 monthly until you decide to cancel.

Q. Is there a contract or minimum length of time I can subscribe for?

A. No. MyRehab is provided on a month to month basis so you’re never roped into a long term contract. Simply put, if we don’t provide you with a solid product you feel great about using, you can cancel easily on the My Account page.

Q. How do I cancel my account?

A. Go to the My Account page, and find the cancel button on the bottom right.

Q. How can I get MyRehab for free?

A. We have a unique referral incentive in place. If you have been a paid member through at least 3 payment cycles AND you have referred 3 of your colleagues to us who have also been paid subscribers through 3 payment cycles, you will receive 12 months free use of MyRehab! That incentive remains in place so theoretically you could keep the service free by continuing to refer 3 colleagues each year.

Q. How much does MyRehab cost?

A. Our current monthly fee is $19.99 USD, but see above for our referral incentive that could allow you to use it for free.