How to Get Free Access to!

How to Get Free Access to!
January 1, 2019 Dr. Phillip Snell
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Yes, that’s not a mis-print. We are announcing a promotional referral incentive widget to MyRehab that can give you a full year of MyRehab absolutely free!


Here’s how it works:

  1. Subscribe to MyRehab (Includes your 14 day free trial).
  2. Refer 3 colleagues to MyRehab using your promo code on the My Account page.
  3. When your colleagues sign up, they must use your promo code.
  4. Once your account is 3 months old, your account is eligible to receive the 12 month free perk.
  5. Once the third referral is 3 months into their account, your account is given 12 months free access.
  6. This offer is in place permanently, so every year you can share with 3 colleagues and get the service for free again for 12 months!


The key trigger is use of your promo code, so when you share the site’s coolness with your colleagues, make sure  they input it into the promo code field on the sign up page.
This is one of several upcoming promotions to highlight the excellent additions to the program we have had in the past year. Enjoy!

What’s that you say!? You’re not a member of MyRehabExercise yet? Click below to trial it without risk for 14 days.