Muscle Imbalances-Find Them, Fix Them, Go Home

Muscle Imbalances-Find Them, Fix Them, Go Home
August 11, 2011 Dr. Phillip Snell

Readers here at are likely savvy to the work of Vladimir Janda and know the importance of developing excellent co-contraction between agonist and antagonist muscle groups to centrate joints.  We’re also learning these days that the faulty joint centration can not only result in long term wear  and tear in the joint, but can also result in less than optimal performance. The body reduces force production through the poorly centrated joint and this seems to occur well before arthralgia and pain inhibition processes take hold.



Since the functional rehab paradigm shift is somewhat new, I often get questions about how newbie subscribers to can learn more about these methods to better help their patients and to make better use of our rehab videos.  Of course there are excellent subscription sites such as, and and there are also some fabulous blogs out there like and  Folks can often get a jump start on learning the functional rehab methods when these giants synthesize their knowledge into a DVD package or book and you should definitely be all over the DVDs that Charlie and Craig have put together and have at their sites.  But this post is about a different guy and what he brings to the table.




Dr. Jeff Cubos

Dr. Jeff Cubos is wicked smart…scary smart!  If you go to his site to check out his travels to pick up new material from the rehab literati your jaw would drop.  I think I could make a decent living just being Jeff’s travel agent!  Jeff has an excellent teaching style and ability to bring complicated matter down to assimilable bits.  He’s now put together that knowledge and teaching ability into an excellent DVD set called Muscle Imbalances Revealed-Upper Body.  In this set, Dr. Cubos has teamed with Tony Gentilcore, Rick Kaselj and Dean Somerset to produce a treatise on how to drill down to the key imbalances for each patient and client, and then how to back up and put together a detailed treatment plan to serve that person best.  Dr. Cubos has taken on the somewhat esoteric topic of diaphragm integration into the core by adding tricks to teach patients and clients how to improve pain and stress with breathing techniques from the DNS world.  Word on the street is that their is a discount to early orders so get over there and check it out.