Taking Shape Taking Shape
February 13, 2011 Dr. Phillip Snell

Site building has begun for, an innovative way for clinicians to integrate corrective exercise into their practices. Research has demonstrated that patient outcomes are improved for most musculoskeletal conditions when exercise interventions are included. Despite this, many clinicians either don’t incorporate it at all, or they do it poorly. Why? Here’s a few reasons…
1. Exercise instruction is time consuming.
2. Exercise instruction is poorly reimbursed by many third party payors.
3. It takes effort to stay on the edge of the rapidly emerging functional rehab literature. will help on all of these fronts! The website contains a library of exercise tutorial videos to which clinicians can refer their patients to. While this does not obviate the need for personal instruction, it does decrease the amount of time necessary in the clinical encounter to train patients. More time can then be utilized performing other valuable services. The net results…
1. Patients experience improved outcomes, and get better faster.
2. Health care costs decrease with decreased need for treatment.
3. Clinicians improve their bottom lines by being more productive in a given clinical encounter.

We’ll let you know as the site grows up and is ready for release in early 2011. Until then, keep on moving!