Pardon Our Mess…But Check This Out!

Pardon Our Mess…But Check This Out!
May 29, 2017 Dr. Phillip Snell
In Misc

We’ve been busy behind the scenes at MyRehab over the last several months. The primary thing that has changed is that we have moved our entire video library onto a new and improved video hosting platform. Subscribers will now see improved video quality, faster loading rates, and improved view-ability across browsers, operating systems devices. When we officially re-launch, we hope to have some new features available but need to keep those under wraps for the present time. However, we will maintain our base price for monthly subscription at $19.99 and we will continue to extend our student rate to a whopping 75% discount off of the normal rate, or $4.99 monthly. We will also keep that rate in place for the first 6 months of your clinical practice, to help keep those first year expenses managed…I’ve been there and remember how it feels. 🙂 IMPORTANT NOTE: IF YOU ARE A STUDENT OR GRADUATE WITHIN THE PAST 6 MONTHS, YOU MUST CONTACT ME DIRECTLY TO RECEIVE THE DISCOUNTED RATE. YOU CAN REACH ME AT DRPHILLIPSNELL@GMAIL.COM. PLEASE PLACE “STUDENT DISCOUNT” IN THE SUBJECT LINE. A recent request from one of our R2P chapter presidents (and fellow gastronome), Nav Sohi at Palmer West, prompted me to spend a moment to put up a few examples of the video content available on the site. These videos are meant to be shared with your patients via email link, so they are in “plain-English” form to make it easy for your patients to understand and perform well. While we continue to work behind the scenes, you can still sign up and enjoy the benefits of the site. Follow the links below to answer your questions or sign up and we look forward to working with you for years to come!

    FYI, MyRehab grew out of my own clinical practice and I suspect you’ll like the way it is set up. We have searchable libraries comprising material from many of the courses you’ve attended…FMS, DNS, McKenzie (we have the entire spine and extremity exercise library!), McGill, Liebenson and many more. Here are a few samples: