Rehab 101

This Rehab 101 page is for those new to the Rehab world of clinical practice.  We’ll help bring you up to speed by showing the most direct path to acquiring this knowledge.  Each of these pages will link to the exercises that represent the research of each of these researchers.  Their will also be links in each post to show you how to get more information on these topics.  Very importantly, we link you to the exercise video tutorials on to help you learn how to integrate this research into your patient/client care.
As a group, these 4  Rehab 101 clinicians represent several of the pillar concepts of the modern functional rehab movement.
  1. Stuart McGill, PhD:  Focus on training of the entire core to improve stabilization to allow peripheral movement
  2. Robin McKenzie, PT:  Patient empowerment to decrease pain and improve function
  3. Vladimir Janda, MD:  Assessment of movement quality rather than quantity as a metric and treatment guide
  4. Craig Liebenson, DC:  Interdisciplinary approach to managing pain and dysfunction and integration of the Clinical Audit Process