Craig Liebenson, DC

Craig Liebenson, DC

Dr. Craig Liebenson might best be described as an integrationist.  Highly influenced by the works of the Prague school clinicians such as Vaclav Vojta, Karel Lewitt and Vladimir Janda, Craig has diligently pushed for a multidisciplinary approach to patient care for the past 25 years.  Starting the early ’80s, he began setting up venues to host the Prague School

Dr. Liebenson with Karel Lewitt and Vlad Janda

dignitaries in the US to broaden the base of knowledge of not only chiropractors, but also physical therapists, and MDs.  In the ’90s, Dr. Liebenson also played a pivotal role in establishing an early audience for Dr. Stuart McGill, hosting him on early speaking engagements in North America.   He became one of the icons in the current functional rehab movement with his editing of Rehabilitation of the Spine:  A Practitioner’s Manual and continues to push the envelope with release of his new Functional Training Handbook and

DVD set.  Additionally, Dr. Liebenson teaches rehab seminars in the US, and Europe, is associate editor for the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies, consults with MLB’s Arizona Diamondbacks and is a prolific blogger all while continuing to maintain a clinical practice.


Here at, some of Dr. Liebenson’s integrationist work is represented in the Dead/Dying Bug abdominal exercise below.  Here, he brings together the “sternal crunch” methods of centrating the diaphragm into a horizontal plane from Pavel Kolar’s work, and plank based spine sparing ab work characteristic of Stuart McGill’s research and training.  It’s also a great bridge to working with patients and clients on correcting apical breathing patterns and grooving diaphragmatic breathing.  This is a nice intermediate-advanced ab exercise for patients needing more dynamic challenge in the abs, after the static stability ab work from McGill’s Ab Raise.  Craig’s article in the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies on this exercise may be found at this link.