Win Your Own iPad!

Win Your Own iPad!
August 26, 2011 Dr. Phillip Snell

Did you know that works great on an iPad?   Several heads-up users are already finding the service works great right out of the box on iPad and iPhone, no need for an App.  This allows clinicians and bodyworkers to send the exercise prescription before they even leave the treatment room and means that trainers can send the Rx to the client while they’re performing the exercise on the training floor!  So if you’d love to try that usability out, but don’t have an iPad of your very own, here’s your chance.

We’re going to give one away!

That’s right, when you sign up with, you may have noticed that you were asked if anyone referred you, and to input the “promo” code of the referring subscriber.  You may have then noted on the My Account page, that subscribers are given their very own promo code.  Well, we’re making a list and checking it twice, because the subscriber who refers the most new sign ups who stay beyond the trial period, will get a shiny new iPad for Christmas this year!

RIP Steve...


The Rehab Renaissance has all health care providers upping their game and adding functional rehab to their practice and gym.  This approach is not for everyone, but the cracker-jack clinicians, bodyworkers and trainers know that this is the wave of the future.  We’re dedicated to making the best source on the web for functional corrective exercise video instruction and need you to help get the word out.  So share the site, and your promo code, with your colleagues, your Facebook friends, listees, bloggers and forum attendees!

Be the top referring subscriber and we’ll send you an iPad for Christmas!


Here are the rules:

1.  This contest is open to all subscribers to except the host of the site.

2.  Grand prize will be a 64 GB, top of the line iPad, valued at $699.

3.  Winner will be the subscriber who refers the most people who maintain membership with beyond the 30 day trial period.

4.  Tallies of referrals will be based on new signees reference of the referring subscriber’s “Promo Code”, located on the My Account page for members of  This method of tallying referrals is the only method that will be used and those results are final.

5.  December 9, 2011 at 12:00 midnight, the subscriber who has referred the most active members who are not in the 30 day trial period will be considered the winner and will receive the Grand Prize.

6.  Winner will receive the Grand Prize via mail delivery and every effort will be made to assure delivery by Christmas, December 25, 2011.